Calhoun-Isles Minneapolis Movers

When our family started the Uptown Moving & Storage business in 1901, they planted the seeds for us to become a cornerstone of one of America’s wealthiest communities. More than 100 years later and we have become a household name among millionaires and young professionals looking for Calhoun-Isles residential movers.

We have also expanded our services to include commercial clients in the Uptown area. Not only do we help our clients get their possessions from point A to point B, but we also provide storage solutions.


Residential Moving in Calhoun-Isles


Our Calhoun-Isles residential movers are on top of everything when it comes to moving your home. We handle all of the details that you don’t want to. Logistically, we want to handle it all so you don’t have the headache of gathering and loading all of your belongings and unloading them at your new residence.

We also provide the best all-around service and promise to take care of your property. If moving is coming up on your radar, we are the professional moving company you need, no questions asked.


Commercial Movers in Calhoun-Isles


Your business may also need Calhoun-Isles commercial movers for a number of reasons. Like homeowners and renters, when between leases and purchases, business owners may need to move their goods and equipment safely too.

This is especially common during an office expansion or a change of location while the business grows. It can also happen when a company downsizes the office space after allowing more people to work from home.


Temporary & Long Term Storage in Calhoun-Isles


If you find yourself in-between residences and need a place to store your valuables, we provide climate-controlled storage solutions to help.

We ensure safety and security when it comes to storing electronics, furniture, family heirlooms, and other items as you continue to search for your new home.


Why Hire Uptown Movers


With more than 100 years of experience in the industry, we are a trusted brand in Minnesota. We are committed to making your moving and storage process as smooth as possible and offer a number of features to make this possible.

Most importantly, we provide high-end storage units with climate control, so you can create the best environment for your belongings to remain in good condition.

Here are some additional features you might appreciate:

  • Large doors to make it as easy as possible to move your possessions inside and out again
  • Convenient access hours so you can get your possessions whenever you need them
  • Various unit sizes, so you never need to rent more space than necessary
  • Convenient location by the interstate for easy travel access
  • Credit card billing, so you can store it and forget it
  • Clean units to prevent soiling and contamination

Want a free estimate for your storage needs? Fill out our quick and easy application form. If you have questions, give us a call at 612-827-3826.