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Piano Moving Minneapolis

The prospect of moving your piano can be daunting. As expensive, heavy, and delicate objects, pianos are extremely difficult to move without professional help. It’s important to choose responsible and experienced piano movers in Minneapolis to take care of your instrument. Uptown Moving & Storage provides safe, reliable transportation for pianos of all kinds. We have the best techniques for ensuring that your piano arrives at its destination in perfect condition, with knowledge gained over more than 100 years of operation as a business.

Well-Trained Staff Members

Our expert staff is trained with tried and true strategies for piano moving. They are skilled and friendly, able to answer any questions about the move you may have. You can trust them to be respectful with your piano throughout the moving process. Depending on the size of your piano, we may send out anywhere from two to six movers to help carry and load the piano. Our vehicle drivers know the routes in Minnesota to get your items to their location safely and on time.

Licensed and Insured

As professional piano movers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we are fully insured, and licensed with the Department of Transportation. Our insurance coverage helps ensure that your piano is protected in the case of an accident, so you can relax knowing that your piano is in responsible hands. Our USDOT number for insurance is 695729.

Prepared for Any Instrument

Whether you have an organ, a vertical piano, or a grand piano, we have the tools and skills to properly load the instrument onto a moving vehicle and then unload it at its destination. When you make your appointment, we will ask all the questions we need to know to make sure that we have the right tools and number of moving experts to give your piano the careful treatment it needs during transport.

What to Expect on Moving Day

The process of moving a piano includes several steps. It typically involves taking measurements, carefully lifting the piano and moving it out of the building, loading it onto the truck, and covering it with thick moving pads before strapping it in. Grand pianos require a special approach and a lot of care, due to their size, and often movers will remove the legs before moving the piano body to make sure they don’t crack during moving. It typically takes about an hour to get a piano loaded onto the moving vehicle, but expect the process to take more time if the movers must navigate obstacles like staircases or extremely narrow hallways.

Piano Storage Available

If you need a storage facility for your piano before it can be moved to its final destination, we have you covered. Uptown Moving has storage space available for pianos that prioritizes keeping them safe and free from damage, just like during the moving process. Our staff knows how important it is to treat the instruments with care, so you can rest assured that your piano will be handled with respect as it is put into and removed from storage.

Piano Tuning After the Move

Pianos are known as delicate instruments, but you likely won’t need to tune it as a result of a local move. Differences in climate are the biggest factor in whether moving will affect a piano’s tuning, so a move across Minnesota is unlikely to affect the tuning. Once you have the piano set up in its new location, allow it to settle in for about two weeks before tuning it again. This gives it time to get used to its new location so it will stay in tune for longer.

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