Northeast Minneapolis Movers



When you have a significant life change like moving, you need to know that you have a trusted partner. Uptown Moving has been helping our neighbors with their relocation for over a century. Whether it’s down the street, across town or long-distance, we are ready and able to make your move less stressful.


Residential Moving in Northeast

Northeast Residential Movers are proud to represent our friends in the “NE” neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Throughout all the changes in the neighborhood, we have moved you from family homes to condos and back again.

Some of you may have moved out of the Northeast area, only to find that’s where the heart is, and we are there to move you back. For those of you planning your move, we can pack you, move you and unpack you for a smooth transition to the area.


Commercial Movers in Northeast

Northeast Commercial Movers make moving your business a breeze. We understand the critical differences in home and commercial moving, as your business can’t simply stop while you relocate your offices.

We provide a dedicated move consultant with many years of logistic experience with commercial moves. We’ll have your office and valuable equipment organized, packed, staged, moved and unpacked according to detailed plans, all while you continue with business as usual.


Short & Long Term Storage Solutions

If you are lucky, moving is linear: you move out of one location and directly into the other. Other times, it isn’t quite that straightforward. If you sell your house in a flash and have to move out before you’ve secured your new home, we have you covered.

We provide short term storage for circumstances just like these. Once you find your new dream home, we’ll deliver your belongings to you safe and sound.

For some, you may have a job that takes you around the world for months or even years at a time. When you need a place to secure your belongings for an extended period of time, trust us to keep your belongings safe in our climate-controlled storage units. When you come back home, we’ll meet you there with your furniture, art and personal items to welcome you.


Why Choose Uptown Moving & Storage

Just ask anyone around Minneapolis who to trust with your residential or commercial move, and they’ll tell you it’s Uptown Moving. We are residents and neighbors just like you.

Our families and our business have been a part of the neighborhoods where you live for over 100 years. No matter the reason for your move and no matter the size of the job, we are the ones to call. Contact us online for a free move estimate or call us at 1.612.827.3826 today.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Africa Studio