Upcoming Move? Uptown Moving Can Help!

So that time has come, you found a new place to live and its time to move.  What should you do and when.   The best thing to do if your choosing to hire movers is to find the company you wish to use and book your service as soon as possible, it is best to get booked about two weeks prior to moving date to insure you will have the company you choose.  If you are not concerned about pricing you can just go ahead and book with the company of your choice.  But if like most people you may want to shop some prices and get an estimate for services and see how each company charges.   A few things you will want to have ready when calling for an estimate.

Make sure you allow for some time for this procedure. Moving estimates can take some time, on average 10 -15 minutes to cover all that will be happening on moving day.  Some of the thing you will want ready for this conversation will be: have both addresses available to expedite the estimate quicker. Second would be to have an itemized list of what furniture items you want the movers to handle. An estimated box count is very helpful too.  This doesn’t need to be exact as movers will carry multiple boxes at one time so if you say 20 boxes and its actually 28 it wont change the estimate.  Also let the estimator know if you will expect the crew to do any packing of items or all of the packing.  This is very frustrating for both crews and customers when this comes up on moving day, crews do not always have a full assortment of packing material on moving day unless it’s specifically requested.

This can lead to delays and under bit estimates.

When moving from and apartment or to an apartment know whether there is an elevator or not and if so and if it can be locked off for use or if it is casual use.  This can change estimated time quite a bit.  A locked off elevator will allow movers continuous access to the elevator a casual elevator may mean movers waiting for the elevator.  If no elevator understand that movers and the stairs will take time as it can become cumbersome at times dealing with furniture and staircases.

Let the estimator know of any specific timing needed for your service.  Closing times elevator times, association regulations for movers.  As associations do not really have issues with moving day I have seem it a few times where they don’t want the trucks in the neighborhood before or after certain hours.

Remember the more information you can give to the estimator the more exact your estimate will be.  So make sure you have mentioned everything.  Missing even up to 5 items can change the estimate by as much as an hour.

Things that may get overlooked and sometimes usually do.  Truck location for moving service whether it be at an apartment complex, is there a dock location or preferred truck parking location, at your house is the driveway a steep incline, is street parking available will the truck need to go into an alley.  All these different aspects can change moving day a great deal if it is not known beforehand.