Uptown Moving has been helping people relocate since 1901

Uptown Moving has been helping people relocate since 1901.  It wasn’t always as simple as pick up and deliver though; we started in 1901 as a simple delivery service and grew from there.  In the beginning we did deliveries and relocation for the families who lived by the lakes area of Minneapolis, transferring items and boxes from homes in Minneapolis to summer cottages in the Lake Minnetonka area, more specifically Excelsior bay area.  And doing return trips in the fall.

Prior to 1901 Uptown Moving wasn’t even an idea.  During that time it was a drug store called Backdahls Drug located on Washington Ave.  Downtown Minneapolis. Occasionally doing deliveries to customers’ homes throughout the Minneapolis area. As times changed so did the business, with the city growing and more and more competition moving in the drug store was no longer in a prime location and competition was growing.

With A long list of costumers and a little ingenuity Backdahls was able to create a service that would become a long lasting and very well known company throughout many different communities.   Household moving & Piano Moving. This was accomplished by the use of a simple horse drawn trailer and a two or three man crew.

As with any business Backdahls had to adapt to the changes.  Starting out with just a few men and horse drawn trailer-moving foreword to the purchase of the first powered truck in the mid 1920’s to better serve the community.  Changing the name from backdahls to Uptown Transfer to help people understand that we were the ones to contact for any moving transportation needs. By keeping old clients happy and gaining new ones throughout the years by the mid 1960’s Uptown transfer was one of the few Local Moving companies in the Minneapolis market with a reputation of getting the job done right.

By the 1980’s the company grew to a fleet of 7 trucks  30 employees a warehouse for long and short term storage.  Which brings us to where we are today. 2018, backdahls has changed tremendously over the years. Not only in name.  Now going by Uptown Moving & Storage. But in service.  Still operating 4 trucks employing 15 -20 employees, still offering great service such as household moving, office moving, Piano moving, packing services, loading or unloading services. Even just helping with moving items throughout your home.